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Vishaal Lachman, also known as Dyna, proves to be one of the most versatile Dutch artists. His passion for music results in a pure exploding set, in which his producer skills as well as his solo-based performance makes Dyna a truly devoted performer. Lusting the exploding mixes and being fully capable of rocking the Scène, Dj Dyna is ready to pump up the heat some more! Are you ready to step into his world? Dyna was born in Surinam and is immediately introduced to what he feels its all about: Music! After being able to play Keybord, his friends stimulate Dyna to discover a brand new world – consisting of mixing tracks and adding unique twists to them: a new talent is born! Records and turntables bought shortly after, Dyna fully dedicates all of his spare time into practising the Art of Dj-ing.

The mixes from Dyna are well described as being very explosive. His uplifting, funky club sounds are combined with pure urbanbeats, pumping bass and booming techniques. Dyna; a true talent and devoted to present his passion throughout his raw sets. Capable of making the crowd turn extremely wild, he easily holds them in ecstasy. Make sure he fires up your world!


Wil je meer informatie over de beschikbaarheid van Dyna? Neem dan contact op met ons voor meer informatie. Stuur een e-mail naar info@affino.nl, bel naar 013 2032 401 of stuur een whatsapp naar 013 2032 401.

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