Donny Duardo

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Donny Duardo

Donny Duardo is a DJ and Music producer from Haarlem.He has attained quite a lot of fame and accolades for his super hit compositions like Savage, Amsterdam, Andale & Nasty and many more which have been played by the biggest DJ,s. Donny has currently more than 10 million spotify streams and more than 15 million youtube vieuws on his music.He has taken Spotify and YouTube by storm and his music has been able the make a special place in people’s hearts.Mixing music and coming up with catchy and groovy beats runs through his veins. When Donny was 12 years old he have been inclined towards producing music and after a few years he gets the passion for setting people in the right mood by playing bangers behind the decks.His compositions bring out the vibe and help people reconnect.


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